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Standard Knee Supports
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Neoprene Products

                    NKS-1($8.90)                  NKS-5($17.90)                  NKS-5H3($25.90)   
            knee immobilizers                      knee brace                           

                   NKS-6H3($49.90)               NKS-7H3($69.90)             NKS-50H3($49.00)

Knee supports use metal hinges or stays to stabilize knee.  Edges are surged (not glued) which removes seams and eliminates irritation to back of knee.  Knee supports are contoured in back of knee to reduce folding of material behind the knee providing a comfortable range of motion.  Buttresses are made of solid material (not felt) and contour closely to the shape of the patella (models also available in left, right or inverted U for needs of subluxation).  Custom sizing is available. 


Knee Immobilizers

  KI-1($19.90)          KI-DAV($25.90) 
knee support               knee support  

KS5-U($19.90)                   KS5E-U($22.90)
           knee immobilizer             knee supports         

Knee Immobilizers limit anterior-posterior movement with three stays positioned in back.  Stays are also located on the sides to limit medial-lateral movement.  All Knee Immobilizers come with adjustable straps to provide proper fitting.  Some models are sized for circumference while others are universal.  Custom sizing is available.  (See also Large Sized Products)



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